By R.J. Garcia

Woman and laptopShe moved with the ease of a person who knew their place in the world. She joined all the clubs. She even started a few new clubs. Almost everybody liked her. Okay, that girl is cool, too, but she’s definitely not a wallflower.

What is a wallflower? A wallflower can be a male or female. They are thinkers and have a lot more figured out than many of their peers. They don’t have the confidence to announce it over the PA system. They stay back and prefer to blend in. They only have one photo in the year book. They aren’t big on social media, but might have an interesting, anonymous blog.  A wallflower is a type of loner, but may have one, or two close friends. They are never the bullies, and are interesting if you take the time to get to know them. They possess the trait of being good listeners which is very rare among the masses of high school kids.

If you are a wallflower you probably write poetry, or maybe haikus, hardly anyone ever reads. He might be the boy who sits in the back of the room in your visual art’s class and never says a word and wears the same hoody every day. He doesn’t really do anything to his hair, but it remains perfectly tousled. She may be the girl with the shy smile, you pass in the hall. For Charlie Brown, she was the little red headed girl. The conception of a wallflower has a little mystery, angst and allure to it. Do you know a wallflower? Are you a wallflower?


Tommy Pretending to Know Stuff

By Tommy

Girl thinking of guy.Hey Blog,
I wanted to blog about the pending apocalypse, and why I’m against it. Instead, I was asked to blog about how a girl knows if a guy likes her.

Well, here goes nothing—if he acts kind of freaky, or awkward around you, he probably likes you. Unless he is just, in fact awkward. Let me give examples: if he gets too shy, or turns red when you’re around, then he probably likes you. If he is really quiet, but makes a point of saying hi to you, or barely knows you but ask about your day…all these are telltale signs that a guy likes you. And does he look at you a lot? When you look back at him, does he look down or away? If yes, he is definitely into you. If a guy likes a girl, he has to get a quick look at her when he can. Then he’s embarrassed when he gets caught.

If you are already friends, the paradigm shifts a little. He will still sneak extra looks. He will also be a little more attentive to you than his other friends. In this situation he may open up to you about personal things, kind of, reveal himself to you. He will invite you to hang out all the time. If a guy really likes you then you’ll be in every spare corner of his head, and he will make time to spend with you, and text you. If he is in the friend zone, he might find an excuse to touch you. You know, the way Ron Weasley wiped toothpaste from the corner of Hermione’s mouth.

Most of the guys who are too smooth and say all the right things aren’t as in to you as they may seem. They are into girls in general and the numbers game. Does he immediately start looking or talking to another pretty girl…Again he’s probably a player.

Well…Bye for now. This is Tommy, pretending to know stuff.

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