Which House Would U Be In?

I thought I’d blog about how the Hogwart’s houses are sorted by traits. HogwartsKeep in mind this is my take on things… Slytherins are usually evil. They tend to cluster toward something dark, but can be ambitious and leaders. I think of the Joker from Batman or Gru from Despicable Me. They could also be the guy that watches one to many horror movies, or the school bully.

Ravenclaws are witty, popular, and smarter than you. They like to let you know it. I think of Taylor Swift as a Ravenclaw. Luna Lovegood was too sweet and weird to fit in as a Ravenclaw and that’s why she got picked on a bit. Luna was an eccentric. It brings me to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. He could be a good eccentric Ravenclaw alumni.

Hufflepuffs are hardworking, patient, loyal and cool to hang out with. Hufflepuffs tend to get looked over and aren’t famous. I want to in Gryffindor, but might be in freakin’ Hufflepuff, if I’m really honest. No guy wants to be a Hufflepuff or a wallflower.

Gryffindors have a lot of the same traits but are brave too and are likely to have some big destiny. They are like your sports heroes or underdogs that succeed. Spiderman is a big time Gryffindor…So which house would you be in?

This is Tommy, pretending to know stuff.



What I Think About

By Tommy, pretending to know stuff.

I was asked two long weeks ago to blog about what boys think. First, I drew a blank. Now I thought I’d give it a go.  I can’t really speak for all boys. I can tell you what I think about, not that anyone cares, except for some girl who wrote in.

My brain is a wasteland of random thoughts and useless trivia. Songs get stuck in my head a lot. I hum them and sing them around the house. Cool lines from movies vacation in my brain. I try to pepper them into conversation to sound funny now and then. I think about earning my first million bucks one day and making the world a better place. Who am I kidding? Mainly I am spending the million dollars.

Occasionally, I worry that the world will be taken over by technology. Computers will override us and set off all the nuclear bombs at the same time and destroy our tiny planet. The fact that the planet is always moving is weird for me, too.

And I worry about other things sometimes, like Trump becoming president, please, no. I am fifteen so I don’t even get a vote. Although in my class picture my hair looks like Trump’s hair, I don’t really like him. My hair is cooler now, that is off point … When I am not freaking out over having to give a speech or talking to a person of the female gender, I am really a laid back guy.

Food, sleep, girls..good.Yes, I think about girls… If a cute one talks to me or acknowledges my existence, I usually replay it in my head. And wonder if I said something wrong. Yeah, I think about girls and food a lot. I am kind of like a lion. I am not going to lie about it, I think about sleeping and food the majority of the time. I like to watch college ball. I like to down load music. I enjoy YouTube videos, one after the next. I like these things because sometimes, I like not thinking at all. Sorry you had to wait two weeks for all this amazingness.

I just want