Fictional Characters w/ Mental Health Issues

winnie-the-poohAccording to the Canadian Medical Association it is official: Winnie the Pooh is ADD, Piglet suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Tigger is hyperactive. I think we all spotted the Tigger thing, a mile away. We kind of suspected Rabbit has OCD and Eeyore is clinically depressed before the diagnosis came.

In wake of this news flash, I decided to blog about some other fictional characters that have mental health issues. It lets the rest of us know we are not alone:

  1. Charlie Brown – He is classic Avoidant Personality Disorder. Symptoms include: avoiding work, social or other activities because of feeling they will not succeed anyway. They may also feel unwelcomed even when it is not the case.  People with this disorder are often quite likeable. Low self-esteem and self-isolation are other signs.  Poor Charlie is often defeated in his own mind, before he even tries. Ron Weasley may also fit into this category. I really like these two guys.
  2. The Joker from Batman – definitely has Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Some of the symptoms are: disregard for what is right or wrong, pathological dishonesty and  using charm to manipulate others. Also arrogance often marked with illusions of grandeur and risk taking is common. The Joker is a criminal master-mind with zero empathy for others. Probably not too many people with this disorder are reading my little wallflower blog.
  3. Sheldon Cooper – Clearly has Asperger’s. Notable Symptoms are: limited or inappropriate social interactions. Challenges interpreting nonverbal communications. Tendency to discuss themselves rather than others. Awkward mannerism. Despite their poor social skills, they tend to have above average intelligence. Sheldon is classic Asperger’s with intelligence reaching the stratosphere.
  4. Ariel from The Little Mermaid –had hoarding issues related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Ariel may use items to fill the void caused by the loss of her mother. She collected and hoarded countless items from the human world. Of course, she did go on to live happily ever-after.the-little-mermaid-screenshot

I just want to say, if fictional characters with psychological issues can still have fulfilling lives, then we can, too.