A Valentine’s Day Blog

By R.J. Garcia

I have been lazy and neglectful and need to at least write something by now. Valentine’s Day is this big thing, so I thought I’d write about it. It actually started when Saint Valentine was imprisoned for marrying commoners, way back when. Of course, that’s the part Hallmark doesn’t tell us.

Okay, You’ve probably guessed, I’m not the most romantic person in the world. That might be why I like this Valentine card.I'm not sick of youI do love reading books. Young adult books are some of my favorites. I prefer Gothic suspense, or suspense, or even a good fantasy to romance. There are some books which are undeniably romantic. The Notebook was one of those books. The Fault in our Stars was even more touching because it was based on a true story.THE Fualt in our Stars

I like to read books that have an element of romance, but where the romance isn’t the main plot. I at least need a deep friendship, if not a romance to be part of the story, or the book leaves me feeling a little cheated. I was told by an literary agent that she can’t sell YA that doesn’t have romance.

Now comes the confessions of a bookworm, part of my blog. Some of my best Valentines were spent reading a good book and eating chocolate… Whatever you do, just have fun!


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