National Puppy Day

By R.J. Garcia

For National Puppy Day I thought I would blog about dogs. Dogs have been living with humans for 10,000 years. In this time they have learned to trust and rely on us and to be there for us in return. Some studies have shown that dogs can recognize people and learn to interpret human emotional states and moods. Studies have even suggested that dogs can avoid people who don’t treat their owners well.

All I know is that my dog loved me whether or not I ignored him for hours, acted like a grump or had bed head and a pimple at the end of my nose. A dog’s love is without condition. There is the old saying, “May I become the kind of person that my dog thinks I already am.”

There is something so easy and safe in the relationship you have with your dog. If you need them they will be there. I remember being bullied at school and having my childhood dog stay by my side all evening, as if he sensed my sadness. When I lost him it was like losing a family member. Dogs really do become like part of the family. The loss is unique because it is the loss of a truly unconditional love.

According to a recent survey, despite the painful loss, most people who have loved and lost a dog will eventually get a new one. Dog owners score higher on measure of well-being than those without pets. They know the relationship is worth it.

I thought I’d end this blog with a picture of my new love. She looks a little like my first dog. Maybe she is his great grand daughter. He did sneak away a couple times.