Being a Young Writer

DillionHello everyone!!! Welcome!!! This week I’m on Thanks to the lovely R.J. Garcia for that. I’m so excited. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Dillon Walker, and for those of you who are visiting from my blog,, thanks for coming, look around, check this place out, it’s gorgeous. Anyway, today I’m talking about being a young writer, and you can trust me on this stuff because I published my first book at age nineteen and I am fully willing to admit that I made a ton of mistakes, but don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you guys my top ten pieces of advice for young writers.

#1. Learn To Manage Your Time

I get it, school is boring, but you can’t ignore it or let it pile on top of you or you’re writing habits will be impossible to maintain.

#2. Start Small

I know when you’re young your brain is filled with ideas for epics longer than Game Of Thrones, but you need to calm down. You are still at the age where your main goal should be finding your voice and honing your writing skills. So, though you should not give up on your dream to write an epic, start with things like poetry and/or short stories and take time to get to know who you are as a writer.

#3. Find Writer Friends

Writers are a strange breed of people and we often struggle to find our place in normal society. Especially when you’re young, trying to pursue something as unusual as writing can be difficult to do and trying to make friends can be really hard, mostly because people are assholes, especially high schoolers because they tend to be close minded. So, go out and find yourself some writerly type buddies either at school or online as long as it’s safe.

#4. YouTube Is Your Friend

Writing channels on YouTube are super helpful and provided me, and still, provide me with a lot of great information and advice. My personal favorite is Jenna Moreci.

#5. Do Your Research

If you plan to fully publish something be sure to do your research on marketing, publishing, and all that they entail. It is super boring at times, but it’s better to get it done earlier rather than later to avoid unwanted surprises.

#6. Be Confident

You are a writer which means you enjoy writing stories in one way or another, which is super cool. Don’t hide it or put yourself down. Be confident in yourself and own being a writer, because the more confident you are, the easier everything is.

#7. F*ck The Haters

This goes along with the previous tip, but it’s important enough for me to mention it separately. People are assholes. That’s just fact, and sometimes they’ll be assholes to you. It sucks, but that’s life. It’s okay though because if someone is mean to you, you have every right to turn around and walk away.

#8. Explore

Have you ever though of trying a different style fo writing, maybe you thought about writing a short story when you’ve only every done poetry before. Do i. Whether you end up liking it or not, exploration is a large part of the process, especially when you’re young, so just enjoy the process and try all the new stuff you want.

#9. Be Yourself

If you hide who you are in your writing (or in real life) it shows, and not in a good way. It makes your writing feel inauthentic and emotionless. You could write a story with perfect grammar and beautiful language, but if you don’t use a distinct voice, then your readers won’t be able to connect.

#10. Perfectionism Will Be The Death Of You

I’ll admit to being a major hypocrite on this one. I’m definitely a perfectionist. I like things done as perfectly as possible, but I had to learn to get over that perfectionist part of myself so I could actually write something. So, a good tip from Dillon to you is to write and ignore all the little details like grammar and word choice, then after you’re done with the story/poem/chapter, you can go through and let your perfectionism run wild and focus on all of those little details.

Okay, guys, that concludes my stay here at writers and wallflowers. Thanks so much to RJ for letting me come over and visit. If you’re interested in hearing more about this topic and are part of the amazing learning platform called SkillShare then be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming class, The Master’s Guide To Underage Publishing, it comes out on November 14th. If you want to see more from me, in general, you can head on over to my blog If you’re a poetry fan, then be sure to check out my book, Dreams From Tea And Coffee and if you’re interested in being a beta for my awesome novel, Friends, Family, And Other Tragedies, you can contact me on any one of my social media accounts. With that being said, I’m out of here, it was lovely visiting all you guys.