How do I submit a story, or art to Writers and Wallflowers?
To submit to Writers and Wallflowers, take the following steps:


• Adults who write Young Adult fiction  please send us your short stories and flash fiction. If you are over ten years old,  please send us your art, poems or flash fiction, a 1,000 words or less. Short stories can be a little longer. Teens please send us a blog and/or stories,poems and art.

• By submitting a story to us you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Note that by submitting a work to us you guarantee that you are the owner of the copyright to that work. We do not require any transfer of this copyright – by submitting a story to us you agree to grant Writers and Wallflowers a non-exclusive right to publish the work.

• E-Mail the submission to The subject of the email must consist only of the words ‘Submission’. You should send your story, or art as an attachment – in TEXT or Microsoft Word format – or, if your email system does not allow attachments, copy and paste it into the e-mail body. Remember to include the work’s title, the author’s name, (Only first name will be published if you are not eighteen years of age, or older.) Your age will also be noted.

• You may send any other attachments – such as photographs or other images – with the story. Do not send us a large number of stories at the same time. If you have several stories available, we suggest you send only one or two that give the best indication of your writing.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors, bloggers and poets and may not reflect the thoughts of Writers and Wallflowers. We encourage kids, teens and adults to enjoy the arts and treat themselves and others with respect.

Send drawings, poems and flash fiction to:

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