Poems by Livi Pearson

I am a 19 year old poet from VA. I am a realist who can see life from many perspectives. I believe you can change the world entirely through words and emotion. Maybe my thoughts can change one's view

Livi says, “I am a 19-year-old poet from Virginia. I am also a realist. Yet, I can see things from many different perspectives.” Follow him on Instagram livi_pearson150

 Am I A Poet?

By Livi’ Pearson

I have caught words


For a while now

Seeking each meaning behind them

The cracks inside “Love”

The light within “darkness”

Holding on the memory of me

Comparing each scar with my own

Wondering if I could bleed the same metaphor

Would that make me a poet

Or a dreamer

When I look into the stars

And find a smile along the constellations

Or a lonely tree

On top of the sea

Saying I may be deep

But I’m solid enough to hold you

Would it make me a poet?

Or a carpenter

If I build towns inside of my heart

Structures onto your pretty mind

The tower for two

The twin towers

That sadly fell without warning

Would it make me a poet?

Or a scuba diver

If I dived into your eyes to find a smile untamed

Or sink into muddy waters

You say is your home

Would it make me a poet?

Or a singer

If I could change the way you think

With a word or two

If I could hum a tune

And that would make you see a different point of view

I searched for answers inside a thick mind

Trying to find words inside an onomatopoeia

A message behind my minds colorful aurora

Compelling a reason along life’s aroma

Questioning the play of letters

That simply spell







This is who I say I am

But I don’t fully understand

Am I a poet?

Or just an adventurer?

The Dance of Autumn

By Livi’ Pearson

Pathways intertwine to find a lover’s beat

Branches reach for other hands

Interlocking of the heart beating still

Green vibrant leaves spill out

Fate smiling on each leaf

Time fades in waves of color

Dying in a sun flared beauty

Holding on while lovers sleep away the day

The grasp of love never clings for long

Action tells its story

But words always seem to stick

But in the deep bringing’s of fall

Autumn leaves slip away from their hosts

Hoping to lead one more dance

The wind plays its music

A lover’s dance of twisted peace

Lingers under the grace of colored leaves

Naked was the trees as they watched a lovers embrace

Capering around the busy air

All things must end said the night

And the dance of autumn ceased down a growing river

The crying sky rests its spilling eyes upon the bout

As they gracefully twirled downstream

Making way for the winters frozen song.