3 A.M Fights

by Aaliyah Jackson, 16 years old.

3AMDrake sat on top of her lover, they just got out of a heated argument. Drake ended up with tears streaming down her face while her lover was just stone cold. That’s how all of their fights ended up, tear stained cheeks and a set jaw. They fought way too much, everyone knew they weren’t going to last much longer, but they were so madly in love they didn’t care what anyone else said. Their fights would take place at three in the morning with bottles being thrown around, screaming, and crying until the neighbors called the cops to stop the fight. They always went back to each other, after all, they were in love.

Drake has been with this lover since high school and she didn’t want to let go of that, but maybe it was for the best. Drake’s tears dried up and she finally got the strength to look up to her high school crush, “You always cry when we fight,” her lover mumbled, eyes not meeting hers.

And you never let a single tear fall,” her voice cracked.

It shouldn’t be this hard,” Drake looked away from the one person who could have her on her knees in seconds.

“Love shouldn’t be this hard.” She heard him sigh.

You still love me?” Drake asked curiously, she hasn’t heard those three words in a long time.

It’s hard when we’re always fighting.”

I love you.”

“We’ll just end up fighting again, cops will be called, I’ll leave, then we’ll be okay after a day. That’s not how this should work.”

“Then change,” Drake turned around and sat on her knees to look into those beautiful green eyes, “We can change, we just have to try.”

“I think it’s too late to change,” green eyes left her blue ones.

Drake frowned, “You aren’t even gonna try, you always do that. You just give up,” Drake’s voice started to rise. Her blue eyes met green making her sigh, “I don’t want to give this up,” she pleaded to her lover, “We can do this, no more fights, please.”

You always cry when we fight,” green eyes repeated.

Drake leaned back onto her heels, “I guess it just shows I’m not ready to lose you, it scares me.”


You’ve never cried or even teared up during a fight,” Drake whispered.

I guess it shows I’m ready for when this ends.” Drake looked down to her hands, she wasn’t ready for this, she didn’t want to lose the only person who meant this much to her. She felt her chest constrict, her eyes teared up, but she didn’t let them fall. Not this time. It was silent for a long moment, I’m sorry, Drake.”

Don’t be.” Drake stood up, “I’ll just go,” she started packing a bag, then she left to stay with a friend.

Her friend was not surprised to see Drake crying on her doorstep at three in the morning, she did what any good friend would. She listened and held Drake as she cried out in pain of her first love leaving the home they had built in her heart, but little did she know her home was crying over the emptiness in the bed beside them where her body indent lay.