Magic at the Thompson’s House

By Pilar Lioi, 13 years old

Everyone gazed in wonder when they walked past the Thompson’s house. They found it terrifying but amazing at the same time. Different rumors were spread around the village about the poor looking house. People said it was a one room hut where the five members of the Thompson’s family lived. Another rumor was that when the eldest girl of the family went to the market to buy some goods, there was a green sparkle in her eyes that made you frightened for your life. Everyone in the village believed in these rumors and more were created while the years passed, but none were confirmed until a boy came in.

Charlie, that was the name of that brave (or mad, as the people said) thirteen-year-old boy who wanted to write a fantasy book and thought that the Thompson’s wicked actions would be a great story.

So Charlie prepared his bags and took off to the hut. While he did so, people whispered things like poor boy… or how brave but the thoughts that were dancing around his mind were that his book was going to be a best seller.

When he got to the house, no one was surrounding him, in case something deadly happened. When he got to the entrance, he thought the doors were going to be opened by themselves, but nothing happened. But when he entered the one room hut became a seven floor manor. He was blind by its beauty, that he didn’t realized a girl was spying on him. But when he did, the girl quickly hid behind the marble stairs. And a voice was heard.

“What’s the matter dear?” said the voice, similar to an old lady’s voice. Then, the owner of the fragile voice was seen; an old woman with a long, blue dress was now looking at Charlie with an amazed look. He opened his mouth, but words wouldn’t come out. “Oh” said the woman quite worried. “I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do for you” she said starting to push him to the door.

“Granny!” said a woman in the stairs. “We have guests?” she asked with a big smile in her face.

“He was leaving…” said granny. As she opened the door. But with a movement with her hand, the woman in the stairs closed the door. Charlie opened his eyes widely.

“What’s that noise?” said a British man as he approached Charlie. “Who is this young man?”

“Charlie…” a little boy said behind his mom. “You took your time, really. I was expecting you like an hour ago.” He said checking the big golden clock in the wall.

“How did you close the door?” he said pointing at the woman in the stairs. “How do you know my name?” he said to the little boy.

He approached Charlie. “I’m Trevor. Pleased to meet you.” And he said “Mind reader.” And shook his hand.

“No!” said granny. Charlie felt a chill round his head.

“What’s your problem with me?” he said to the old lady, who quickly took her had off Charlie’s arm.

“There’s nothing to worry about…” said the woman that came downstairs and took Charlie by his arm and guided him to a big room. “I’m Zelda, I control things with my hand or my mind, which made housekeeping much easier.” Another cold, this time in his neck.

“You might be hungry…Dorothy!!!” she called the little girl. Dorothy came jumping, and stopped next to the frozen chicken. Then, she focused on it and the chicken started to have a tasty color.

“Zelda…Why don’t you put the plates on the table and I’ll talk to the boy.” The British man said and took Charlie by his shoulder. Zelda did what he said by just moving her hand. “So Charlie, guess you already know everyone…I’m Walter, I’m the smart one here… I know everything science can explain” the chill again on his shoulder. Charlie backed off. “Charlie, you wouldn’t believe how much we’ve been waiting for you. Now, let’s have lunch!”

“Oh no, I’m sorry. I have to go…” he said and Dorothy came running and hugged him. And he felt the cold all over his body. He shuddered and separated the little girl from him.

“Don’t go…” she pleaded him.

“I told you, my predictions never lie.” He heard the old lady whispering to Zelda. “He’s the monster…” Then she walked through the room, towards Charlie. “I’m sorry, but he is leaving.” She took him by the neck, and the cold was worse than ever.

“Stop it!” he yelled. He walked towards the door, the lady behind him.

“You better don’t come back.” The old lady said, opening the door. Charlie left and the door shut on his face. He moaned: the cold waked all over his body in a very painful way. He yelled. He could hear footsteps running towards him.

“What have you done to me?!” he screamed to the hut. Flashing images… In the blink of an eye, everything had disappeared: the villagers, the hut, even Charlie himself.