Existential Crisis

by R.J. Garcia

Have you ever had an existential crisis? Have you ever tripped out and had the wow this is me moment? Followed by what am I doing with my life freak out? Have you wondered what is the meaning of life? Well, relax because it is all part of the human condition. It’s normal— I think.

All these questions are part of the reasons why I like reading and writing. For one thing, both are an escape. Also, reading or writing a story, or drawing can make us feel like we have a small grasp of something bigger or a glimpse of some new truth.

It reminds me of that famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

RonReading a book can change your thinking in some small way forever. Case in point, reading Harry Potter transformed a lot of people into Potterheads for life. It unites us and even makes us argue about who Hermione should have ended up with. Well, duh, Ron of course.

I have a friend who wonders why people ask questions you can’t really answer. I feel sometimes those are the most important questions to ask. I kind of believe that we are all connected. These questions somehow connect us. Literature and art connect us, too and help us acknowledge the imponderable, and unknown things about life.