The Unexplained

by R.J. Garcia

Have you ever encountered the unexplained? I mean experienced an incident that is beyond logic. I consider myself to be kind of brave. By 12 years old, I had watched all the classic horror movies: Freddy, Jason and Chucky. I had toured haunted houses and realms. A guy jumps out at you wielding a chainsaw, or axe, but really, after he doesn’t kill you it becomes a little awkward. Being overly polite, I might even say, “Hello.” In which case, the fake serial killer would smile back.

When I was 13 years old, something weird happened …It was the middle of the night. I got up to pee. The TV in the living room called to me. An old lady’s face played on the screen. What first appeared to be lines on her face began to break apart like a thin layer of Autumn ice and blood seeped down. I grimaced.

Then a wooden marionette popped up on the screen. He was in pirate clothes with a Pinocchio nose. His eyes were two circles of black. His mouth was a crooked slash of red that didn’t move when he spoke. “Hi kids! I am the Skin Taker.” His inflection sounded strangely upbeat as he held up his little puppet hands, each finger its own tiny knife, dotted in blood.

A voice called out from behind and I jumped up! My mother’s voice.

“Mom, what’s this show?” I looked back at my mom, commenting, “It’s so bizarre.”

My mom replied, “Honey, it’s just static.”

TVI looked at the TV and only a screen of static blared. My mom told me I must have slept walked and dreamt the whole thing. It provided little comfort. Thirteen or not, I kept the lights on that night.

Now all these years later when I told my daughter about my dream she said, ‘It sounds like the Skin Taker from Creepypasta.” She showed me it on google. This marionette, was also named the Skin Taker, but was a skeleton which makes more sense because he needs skin. Yet, this couldn’t have inspired my dream because Creepypasta wasn’t around back then.

This made me think of Carl Jung’s ‘collective unconscious.’ This term refers to the unconscious mind shared by all humanity. It is composed of archetypes, which are symbols of universal figures. Maybe this character is just a figure of bad dreams only slightly manifesting in form? I don’t even know. This theory is hard to fully grasp.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this is still all quite strange to me. Even with Carl Jung’s theory I don’t quite understand what happened that night, or how this guy ended up on Creepypasta.

Now it’s your turn. Share an odd experience you had.


3 thoughts on “The Unexplained

  1. Cool post! Actually the wooden puppet could also need skin to be a real live boy.:)
    I am sensitive to paranormal things and can’t even watch scary movies, or shows alone. Once my friend talked me into playing with this old Wiji board we found in her attic, but we got to scared and put it back in this chest. I swear, we heard a banging. We ran so fast. I still can’t explain what made that sound.

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