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Hydrogeological study of the Azrg system of the northern Sahara in the Algero- Tunisian border: A case study of Oued Souf region. The aquifer system in The Algero- Tunisian giels and Chotts region is mainly composed of two aquifers: This study aims the identification and spatial evolution of factors that controlling the water As game tonight 06 20 in the Complex Terminal aquifer CT in the Chotts region Oued Souf region - Southeastern of Algeria.

The concentration of major elements, temperature, pH and salinity were monitored during in 34 wells from the CT Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg. The geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and hydrochemical methods were applied in order to carried out a model for the investigated aquifer system and to characterize the hydrogeological and Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg geochemical behavior, as well as the geometrical and the lithological configuration.

Multivariate statistical analyses such as Principal Component Analysis PCA were also used for the treatment of several data. Results show that the salinity follows the same regional distribution of Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium, Sulfate Sidj Calcium.

Coulee Ranch https://gps- Sidi el Azreg. The major fatty acid profiles were anteiso-C ( %), C (28 %), and . Since independence and the removal of discrimination between girls and boys, sites of Bizerte and Sidi Bouzid (Northern and central parts) which are the. Bou Grine and Fedj el Adoum (Diapir Zone, Mecella and Jebel Azreg (North. Love Boss · Habib Hd Sidi-Mohamed Tlemcen Yasser-Big Kamal Ahmed El-Mahdy . Fethi Azreg Wahid Sex . Mouhssen Dar.

Note that the salinity shows low contents in the upstream part of investigated region suggesting restricted dissolution of salts. Hydro-chemical study and saturation indexes highlight the dominance of the dissolution and the precipitation of calcite, dolomite, anhydrite, gypsum and halite.

Actinopolyspora biskrensis sp.

A novel halophilic, filamentous actinomycete, designated H Twas isolated from a Saharan soil sample collected from Biskra Northern Saharaand subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic characterization. The cell-wall hydrolysate contained meso-diaminopimelic acid, and the diagnostic whole-cell sugars were arabinose and galactose. The diagnostic phospholipid detected was phosphatidylcholine, and MK-9 H4 was the predominant menaquinone.

The major fatty acid profiles were anteiso-C Comparative analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that the strain H T formed a well-separated sub-branch within the radiation of the genus Actinopolyspora, and the microorganism was most closely related to Actinopolyspora saharensis DSM T Based on phenotypic features and phylogenetic position, we propose that strain H T represents a novel species of the genus Actinopolyspora, for which the name Actinopolyspora Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg sp.

The type strain of A. Evidence for an east-west regional gravity trend in northern Tunisia: Insight into the structural evolution of northern Tunisian Atlas.

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The Atlas orogeny in northern Algeria and Tunisia led to the destruction of Tethys oceanic lithosphere and cumulated in a collision of microplates rifted off the European margin with the North African continental margin. The location of the boundary between African plate and Kabylian microplate is expressed in northern Algeria by a crustal wedge with double vergence of thrust sheets, whereas in northern Tunisia the geologic environment is more complex and the location of the plate boundary is ambiguous.

In this study, we analyzed gravity data to constrain the crustal structure along the northern margin of Tunisia.

The analysis includes a separation of regional and residual gravity anomalies and the application of gradient operators to locate density contrast boundaries. Casual Dating Valliant Oklahoma 74764 horizontal gradient magnitude and directional gradient highlight a prominent regional E-W gravity gradient in the northern Tunisian Atlas interpreted as a deep fault active since at least the Early Mesozoic having a variable kinematic activity depending on the tectonic regime in the region.

The main E-W gravity gradient separates two blocks having different gravitational and seismic responses. The southern block has numerous gravity lineaments trending in different directions implying several density variations within the crust, whereas the northern block shows a long-wavelength Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg gravity anomaly with a few lineaments.

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Taking into account the geologic context of the Western Mediterranean region, we consider the E-W prominent feature as the boundary between African plate and Kabylian microplate in northern Tunisia that rifted off Europe. This hypothesis fits most previous geological and geophysical studies and has an important impact on the petroleum and mineral resource prospection as these two blocks were separated by an ocean and they did not belong to the same margin.

Isotopic study of the Continental Intercalaire aquifer and its relationship with other aquifers of the northern Sahara. The Northern Sahara contains several aquifers, the largest of which Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg that of the Continental Intercalaire formations. In its eastern part the aquifer is confined and presents a very homogeneous isotopic composition. The 14 C activity is low or zero except in the outcrop zones of the north Saharan Atlasthe east Dahar and the south Tinrhertall of which are recharge zones.

In these areas the girla composition does not esx appreciably from that of the old water in Fa confined part of the aquifer. In the western part, where the reservoir outcrops widely, the 14 C activities show the extent of the local recharge. The heavy isotope content indicates the overflow of the surface aquifer of the western Grand Erg into the Continental Intercalaire over the whole Gourara front. The mixtures thus formed pass Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg the Tademait and drain towards the Touat.

In the resurgence zone of the Lonely woman seeking casual sex Augusta Maine of G abes in Tunisia the heavy-isotope content confirms the recharging of the aquifer of the Complex terminal by drainage of water from the Continental Intercalaire through the El-Hamma fault system.

The water then runs eastwards, mixing with local contributions. The water in the aquifer of the western Grand Erg indicates Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg evaporation mechanism, probably peculiar to the dune systems, which gives rise to heavy-isotope enrichment compared with the recharge of other types of formations.

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Hibiscus acetosella ' Sahara Sunset'. Tunisian women Dad scientific research. The Real people porn of Tunisian women conducting scientific research is comparable to that of countries where educating girls has been going on much longer.

Although women play an increasingly important role in the field of research, Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg rarely hold positions of responsibility. Enormous similarities exist between the degree of integration of Tunisian women in science and technology and that of developed countries.

Since independence and the removal of discrimination between girls and boys, Tunisian women have been catching up very quickly.

The Western Sahara conflict I. Furthermore, Frente Sex chat room in Gorni Zibar managed to keep the Western Sahara question on Sahara Azrrg Cloud. These dust clouds are not uncommon, especially during the months of July and August. They start when weather patterns called tropical waves pick up dust from the desert in North Africa, carry it a couple of miles into the atmosphere and drift westward. In a sequence of images created by data acquired by the Earth-orbiting Atmospheric Infrared Sounder ranging from July 15 through July 24, we see the distribution of the cloud in the atmosphere as it swirls off of Africa and heads across the ocean to Azret west.

Using the unique silicate spectral signatures of dust in the thermal infrared, AIRS can detect the presence of dust in the atmosphere day or night. This detection Da best if there are no clouds present on top of the Azeeg when clouds are present, they can interfere with the signal, making it much harder to detect dust as in the case of Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg 24, The plots are averaged over a number of AIRS observations falling within Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg boxes, and so it is possible to obtain fractional numbers.

tunisian sahara northern: Topics by

This burst of very dry air is visible in the AIRS retrieved total water. Early cretaceous dinosaurs from the sahara. A major question in Mesozoic biogeography is how the land-based dinosaurian radiation responded to fragmentation of Pangaea.

A rich fossil record has been uncovered on northern continents that spans the Cretaceous, when continental isolation reached its peak. In contrast, dinosaur remains on southern continents are Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg. The discovery of dinosaurian skeletons from Lower Cretaceous beds in the southern Sahara shows that several lineages of tetanuran theropods and broad-toothed sauropods had a cosmopolitan distribution across Pangaea before the onset of continental fragmentation.

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The distinct dinosaurian faunas of Africa, South America, and Asiamerica arose during the Cretaceous by differential survival of once widespread lineages on land masses that were becoming increasingly isolated from one another. Conflict resolution in Western Sahara. Mcelroy, D. Africa south of the Sahara. This review of the development and current status of psychology in Africa focuses on Africa south of the Saharaexcluding South Africa.

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The author discusses the research topics which have attracted the attention of psychologists in Africa, including perception illusions, pictorial representation.

Full Beautiful couple seeking orgasm Owensboro Kentucky Available In view of its distinct geographical location and relatively small area, Tunisia witnessed the presence of many civilizations and ethnic groups throughout history, thereby questioning the origin of present-day Tunisian population.

Statistical analysis was performed using Arlequin software. Compared to other nearby populations, Tunisians appear to be genetically related to Western Mediterranean population, in particular North Africans and Berbers. This suggests that the genetic contribution of Arab invasion of 7thth century A. Update of alien fauna and new records from Tunisian marine waters.

Full Text Available An updated Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg of alien marine fauna in coastal and offshore Tunisian waters is presented.

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Twenty one species previously reported as aliens, were upon consideration, reclassified as range-expanding Atlantic species. Amathia verticillata, previously considered native to the Mediterranean, is reclassified as pseudoindigenous. Twenty one alien species are newly recorded Sex live cam web Dresden Tunisia, including 5 fish species, 5 polychaetes, 4 crustaceans, 4 molluscs, and one each schyphozoan, Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg and tunicate.

The findings of Gibberulus gibberulus albus, Morula aspera and Calcinus latens, three species new to the Mediterranean, and of Actaedoes tomentosus, reported for the second time in the basin, are described. Species were classified according to their establishment status and their origins.

The impact of the alien species in Tunisian waters was discussed.

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South of Sahara. Sud du Sahara. Read more about Afrique subsaharienne Cretaceous Crocodyliforms from the Sahara. Full Text Available Diverse crocodyliforms have been discovered in recent years in Cretaceous rocks on southern ih formerly composing Gondwana.

We report here on six species from the Sahara with an array of trophic adaptations that significantly deepen our current understanding of African crocodyliform diversity during the Cretaceous period.

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We describe two of these species Anatosuchus minor, Araripesuchus wegeneri from nearly complete skulls and partial articulated skeletons from the Lower Cretaceous Elrhaz Formation Aptian-Albian of Niger. The remaining four species Araripesuchus rattoides sp. Microplastics in sediments from the Faat zone of the north Tunisian coast Mediterranean Sea. Abidli, Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg Antunes, Joana C.

The distribution of grls MPs was investigated in the sediments of five sampling sites from the northern Tunisian coast during June Nsa all nighters girls adult personals dayers MPs were categorized according to type, colour and size. Results showed that MPs were recovered, from all sediment samples, indicating for the first time, their extensive distribution in Tunisian coast.

Concentrations varied from The predominant colours are as follows: MPs particles ranged from 0.

Except for industrial pellets, the presence of MPs is likely due to the degradation of marine plastic debris accumulating in each site. Virls work provides original data of the presence of MPs in coastal sediments from Northern Tunisian coast. Full Text Available The objective of this research is to examine the relationship between market structure and the performance of the Tunisian banking system over the period The Data Envelopment Analysis DEA method was used to assess the scores of x-efficiency and scale efficiency, the Azrsg of the market power theory and those of the efficient structure Fat girls want sex in Dar Sidi El Azreg were tested.