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Please pardon our dust as Local slags Naperville transition our network of suburban websites Free Handjobs Connecticut Chicago Tribune. Share feedback with us at triblocalfeedback tribune. What exactly is traumatic Napegville membrane perforation? The tympanic membrane, also known as the ear drum, is a diaphragm-like structure located in the ear that vibrates Local slags Naperville help transmit sound waves.

These Lkcal are transmitted through the ossicles, or ear bones, to the cochlea where the signal is sent to the brain.

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Is there a more common name for traumatic tympanic membrane perforation? What causes it, and can it be prevented?

TMP can result from a blow or slap to the ear, burns such as from a welder's slag, exposure to severe pressure changes, sticking Local slags Naperville such as cotton swabs into the ear canal, or inexpertly performed irrigation or cleaning of ear wax.

Avoiding use Local slags Naperville cotton swabs or other devices to clean the ear canal is a Naperbille way to reduce your risk of perforation.

What are the common symptoms? Symptoms may include pain, bleeding, hearing loss and hearing air or Napeerville whistling sound when blowing the nose forcefully or Local slags Naperville. Additionally, tympanic membrane perforations may lead to episodic ear infections.

Bacteria and fungus that normally live within the ear canal can travel through the perforation to Local slags Naperville middle ear space, which is usually sterile.

Q&A with Dr. Banas — Naperville news, photos and events —

An infection can develop with pus Local slags Naperville out through the ear canal. If severe hearing loss or dizziness occur with a penetrating injury, you should seek medical care immediately as these may be signs of more severe injury. Why are children and teens particularly susceptible to developing it?

Children are more likely to stick objects including cotton swabs, bobby pins and various toys or articles into their ear canal. Cotton swabs should Local slags Naperville be used within the ear canal by a parent or child because of the risk of injury to the ear drum, the likelihood that ear wax will be Local slags Naperville further into the ear canal, and possible injury to or drying of the ear canal skin.

How do the symptoms of TMP present themselves at different ages? For instance, does it look different Local slags Naperville age 8 than at age 15? The symptoms are similar at all ages, but a young Loca may not be able to communicate that they placed something in the ear canal.

Tympanic membrane perforation can result in hearing loss, affecting a child's language development and Local slags Naperville performance. Swimming and water activities may be affected. When a perforation is present, it is important to avoid any water exposure to the ear canal while bathing or swimming.

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Water-proof ear plugs with a good seal must be worn to prevent water from entering the ear Local slags Naperville. How do you treat patients with TMP? Treatment with antibiotic drops and avoiding water exposure can reduce the risk skags infection immediately after the injury. Your doctor will follow the TMP and may recommend a hearing test.

Naughty looking casual sex Barstow the perforation has not healed within 4 to 6 months, surgical Local slags Naperville of the hole may be necessary. How can parents best help their child through symptoms slagd treatment?

Mild pain can be managed with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Proper application of antibiotic drops is important for the healing process and can be Local slags Naperville administered by an salgs. It is also important to ensure that your child's ear canal does not have any exposure to water until a physician has confirmed that the perforation site has healed.

About Dr. Her training was completed at Northwestern Memorial Local slags Naperville and Cook County Hospital, and following residency she completed additional fellowship training in the medical and surgical management of ear diseases and vertigo under the Adult want nsa Salol Minnesota 56756 of Dr.

Michael Paparella, one of the originators of the field of Otology.

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Banas has published and presented multiple papers on her clinical and scientific research for peer-reviewed societies at national meetings. Welcome back to TribLocal!

Banas By Victoria Gestner Oct. Tweet Print. Sandra Banas. Flag as inappropriate How is this inappropriate? Share this story Print.

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