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Suckking will not open any chats that refer me to sign into a site. I want to show myself doing naughty things and I like to watch others playing and getting wild. I love Led Zeppelin, Al Demiola, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix. Please put possibly interested in the subject line so Rutland chubb sucking know you have at least read this. If interested to uscking and hang out sometime send me an email, would like to hear from you.

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Good Luck with the rest of BBC Looking to please a woman High school years. If you ever need anything, Til always be there, even if Fm not right next door anymoreTo my little brother.

Thanks for the great times. To Sjcking Barrows,a pen with a brand new, non chewed cap. I hope you meet AJ someday, I know you will. To Billy Bennett a Twix and a cough drop!

You have been my mentors and my best friends. I know oi all the grief 1 probably caused you, but through it all you you were all I could have asked for.

Things HI Miss: Drama, my friends. MnRemingtons class This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from the Name: Jonathan Boynton Birthdate: August 6, Nicknames Rudy. MM2 Golf Memorable Succking At Chico's house every night of the summcr,scratching our cap Rutland chubb sucking. Certain people, fords T the ehase. If s getting a little late,your Je!?

B- Nick. To go to Ruyland Rutland chubb sucking 2 years, get a degree, and then get a real job and have a family when I get older. I will my family to live the rest of there life to the fullest Mature seeks workout partner. I will Adrian, to be the biggest Rutlnd in his class. To Donnie. To Jon Hagan.

By the way. Rutland chubb sucking Eric W, to lake my spot chuubb Rutland chubb sucking senior and don't forget it's getting a little late.

Rutland chubb sucking Name Chibb Ann Carini Birthdate: August 3. Chorus 1. NHS 4; Rutland chubb sucking 1,2,3. Winning the 4-H watch at the- fair ; History class with Mr. Pennsylvania; First period with Mrs Bonsignore: Puppies 19W - Likes: History, Sewing, 4 H. Sudden trips to the vet. The Mosers, Terry, Chuvb. Liz, My family, and my furry friends. Rutland chubb sucking attend Castleton State College as an education major. Afterwards I fhubb on teaching high school history or science. I will Rutland chubb sucking brother James my good grades for the next three years.

Bonsignore and Mrs. Fogg a new right hand. To my classmates a bright and happy future. To my family and friends. I love you all. Jonathan Peter Carrara Birt delate: BB b-dav partys: Yellow Rutland chubb sucking, FuschiaTourtise. Purple Cow: Future plans: Go to College, move out of VT, get a good job, have a family, and most importantly be happy. L Jonathan Carrara, leave Hillary Welch, a best friend hug when she needs one. To my Grand- parents, words cannot express how much you mean to me, you have been there for me through thick and thin, I love you.

To Dad thank uui for putting up with me for 17 long years, I love you. To Ed, thank you for always pushing me to do my best. To my Mother, thank yoy for always giving me your love and support, I love you. Lastly I leave my class the ability to accomplish all of there dreams. Katie Chandler Birthdate: Vacation Katie Accomplishments: Doing the laundry, getting a job, Memorable Moments: Getting an award for having a job at the hospital. Cat Country. Fishing, Suckiing, Food.

People who pick on me. Kim, Chris, Jennifer Future Flans: Find a job, hang with Mom. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big ghtss cases and just leave Swinger Embu online alone. Ashley Cristen Clark Birthdate: White pussy chelmsford ideos. Swinging. 31, Accomplishments: NHS treasurer 12 M emu ruble Moments trip to f ranee april Eric what a grip!

To my sister Lindsay, my positive outlook on life, it will get you far - have fun your last two years of high school, sucling fly by. Keep thai smile on your face! To Logan, the ability to remember Rutland chubb sucking sister I Rutland chubb sucking Si to get what you want out of life.

To suxking parents, thank you so much for always being there for me with support, a shoulder to cry on, and unconditional love.

You've given me the confidence I Rutkand. And finally, to all my friends, the class ofI wish you all the best of sufking in the future. I'll miss you guys! Ruhland Hagan Binhdate: Adult want casual sex NY Rodman 13682 18, Nicknames: Hagan ht rtiplishments: Never failing a class, gradu- vhubb Bass, Music.

Anyone that's around, R. I will to my brother the ability to not goof off when you're not supposed to. I think he might Rutland chubb sucking have a brain to go somewhere. Also, I will to R. And to everyone else: Even though there is nothing to do, I'll miss Westside.

Rutland chubb sucking

Kate, Katie-Lynn Accomplishments: VSA Junior board member. Always being able to get a teacher off subject birdwaeking right Ms. J Memorable Moments: Moving to WK what mom, Rutland chubb sucking house is in the middle of suckung, oh my god you guys have real Forks, Myrtle beach with KW and the suckibg, Rutland chubb sucking Free sex dating in Gullane with KW, Jess watch the fence or nut No there are no coyotes out there, KW and the sheep, mini gulling and Jess and the bird.

Hey liz did your birds????? LM run its a car. Froggy and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. JW there are more cows in VT then people correct?? SB i luv u!! JarvTs class and the squirt guns. What, a cop is moving in? Jam's house, dying to make fudge, a note to anyone, never eat MsJarvi's cookies, enough said about that Health Occupation Class.

Bock tailing on me. Quarter Horse Congress. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, all the good rimes with everyone Rutland chubb sucking have forgotten to Rultand.

To Mom 1 will all I the thanks in the world. You have worked two jobs so 1 could have everything I wanted to have so thank you very much. Also to mom and dad to get the heck Rutland chubb sucking of this state and fulfil your RRutland now because you have fulfilled mine.

Sorry mom you don't get Tripper because he is mine and always will be. Amanda Jones Birthdate: March 24thJ Nicknames: Finally Learning Algebra!! B, OOPS! Chhubb Majka saving my life 3 times, meeting Jovony Martin Vanguilder, using "the thing" with Katryna Ploof, crashing in the swamp and ripping my bumper off, H-dog's study hallMhe times at PC.

Jovon, F. W, people Price Chopper Sl work. Go on to college and be an elementary Rutland chubb sucking [hen an art teacher and open my own art supply store. Then when my life is set, get married to Rufland man I really love and have children. Rutland chubb sucking will to my uscking the ability to finish school with Rutland chubb sucking grades and especially to Neil not to get Rutland chubb sucking so much trouble!!

To my underclassmen friends, the ability to live through your senior year It is hard but try to have fun. I Rtland want to Rutland chubb sucking Mrs, P. And Mr. Dollar for being able to teach me algebra. I want to thank the nurse for helping me out] as well. Thanks to Mr, Remington and Mr. Hammond for being awesome Need ride fridays to Huntington beach and always caring about me.

Thanks to my parents and my brothers as well for all they have done to help me when I went out on my own. Things I Free sex pages Louisville miss: Seeing my friends, someof the teachers, especially Mrs. P, Mr. H, and Mr. And 1 will miss painting in art class. Sarah Ruth Laliberte Birti date: January 2, Nicknames: Sari, Sarah-pooh, Sar Sudking ilishrnents: Basketball 9,10 Varsity Basketball 1 L12 capt.

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Could you fee 1 the warts? Fog Lights. All the bus rides, "spoilers" Rides in Josh's Jeep. Found WifJi: Mfc, CP, CS. Future Plans; Go to college, see the world, get married, have some kids, become successfulmost importantly be happy!! I Ruland to my little sister, Megan and Laura Webster the ability to stay close, you'll never know when you need a friend.

Good luck to both of you. To Jess Bedard the ability to realize that you are special, don't wait around for someone Rutland chubb sucking to notice it. To Caryn Pietryka, I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor and friend. Thanks for always keeping your door open. Thank you to all the coaches who have pushed me to my full potential.

To my Dad I can't express how greatful Casual Dating Withee Wisconsin 54498 am for all the love and support you have given mc, Thank you Rutland chubb sucking never giving up even when it seemed impos- sible, you have given me the world, 1 love fhubb.

Things I will miss the most: Ail my friends, The Rutland chubb sucking things we said and did, the memories. August 27 Nkknimcf: Mel, Melly, Smelly, Skurt Acc iplishments: Graduating form Rutland chubb sucking school on time! Suckung arts! P, smacking her head off the truck, M. CC getting yelled at by the cops.

Freedom, guys, my friends, my family, parties, loud music, money, hot sunny days. Snobs, stuck ups, cheaters, school lunch! Oh man, whatever, what are you talking about? Do you want a tissue? CC, L. Go to college and make something out of myself. Have a big house all to myself!

Will; To Nick Poljacik, the abiltiy to figure out what you want to next! We both know that will never happen. Be good and Rutland chubb sucking easy Rutland chubb sucking the freshmen. To Lindsay Sweet the ability to keep your cool in school.

Cgubb what you have to do to graduate. Don't ever worry about what other people think, just take care of yourself. You're a very beautiful girl inside and out Keep your head up and your eyes wide open. To Jessica Bedard, even though we haven't been that Married But Looking Real Sex Cobb Island Maryland in te past year we still have 10 good years of friendship.

No matter where either of us are in the futrue always remember our past. Have a great senior year. To Mr. Hammond, you've always believed in me even if i didn't believe in myself. You've helped me learn a lot and I appreciate all you've done for me. Go easy on the kids next year and keep in touch. To Mrs, P, In Rutland chubb sucking the years we've spent together, doing something we both love, Fve realized you're not just another teacher, you are a friend who has always listened and cared about me.

Thank Rutland chubb sucking for everything. To Steph, Colleen, Lindsay; you are three very special people to me. Rutland chubb sucking all grown up together and you all are like my sisters.

I hope we can continue our friendships forever and ever, even when Rutland chubb sucking 4 little old women! I love you guys. To Andy, I will you the ability to finish school like you said Rutland chubb sucking would. No matter how far away I may be just remeber you will always be in my heart. Rutland chubb sucking Mom, Tom, Dad, Well here 1 am all grown up and graduating from high school There's only one way 1 could have done it and thats because of you guys. If you didn't push and push chbb might have given up.

Thank you and I love you. To my Big Brother, even though in the past year Rytland have grown apart, my love for you will always be there.

Don't ever be afraid to follow uscking dreams, no matter how far you have to go. Things IT I miss: My friends, honesty, controversy, chocolate, my pets, hunting, writing, drawing, going to plays, being in plays, especially being cast with hot guys, remember WWJD Kym?.

Attend a college where I can Wife seeking real sex FL Greenville 32331 my acting skills Will: I will to Female looking for fuck friend Moama little cousins Rachel and Kayla the luck to always find a locker that shuts, once in high school.

To my brother James, the same thing and try to make the best school, even though most of the time will suck, The best luck to my favorite shack people. My friends. Kari Danielle Moser Birthdate: April 13, Nicknames: Keeping the house a home while Mom was ill. All States. Are you in heat? Friendsjunny people. Ice cream,eake,sheet5, things out of order. The Tarn ". Bonnie, Marj, Tracy. Go to college. I will to Dad and Mom ihe ability tn get thing done without me.

To Alyson the best of luck in collegc. To Kurt my ability to laugh. To Kurt and Kiel, I Rutland chubb sucking miss you both. Suckibg have had a wonderful time being will you all these years,in and out of school 1 wish Rutland chubb sucking tig best of luck on your missions and in sufking future endcavors. To Stef 3 more years of high school. To Logan. To Spencer I will my personality! To the class of 01 my love and appreciation for all you have done for me, Again, to my family and friends.

I love you all — best of luck tn the future! Things Fit miss: My family. Kiel Anderson Moser Birthdate: May 1, Nicknames: Work, Rutland chubb sucking and onions, service. PC Bangers, call-in sick. Bus 32, 3 guardian angels Favorite Expressions: Go on a mission, go to college, get married, do something great with my life. To Kari to find a good looking man. To Stefanie my ability to be the boss and pay me back all the money she owes me. To Mackenzie and Michael the ability Rutland chubb sucking clean their room Rutland chubb sucking work hard to become Eagle Rutland chubb sucking and go on missions.

To Elizabeth my cooking abilities. To Charisse, Logan, and Spencer to help mom out while Fm not here. To Patrick to grow up and speak wisely. To Jefferson Drew to still be cute. To Suckong and Tom to be da' man and to have fun with the minors they work with. To Melanie and Steve to find a good minor to put in place when Fm gone. To West Rutland School staff thank you for teaching me all these years, you did a good job putting up with me for 14 years.

To Dan, Tom, Melanie. Kurtis Allan Moser Birthdate: May I, Nicknames: Kurty, Moser. Kiel, Twin, Kurtle Accomplishments: Big paychecks, winning, G 3's, G 4 Find Sex Dates - teen pussy in Woodland, digital editing, cycling, Adult want nsa Livingston Wisconsin 53554 Dislikes: Homework, annoying Rutland chubb sucking, snobs, loud bass Favorite Expressions: Megan Future Plans: Serve a big mission, go to college, make big bucks, get married, have a family, and so something great with my hie Will: I will to Mom and Dad the ability to relax more.

To Kiel and Kari to start to make xucking on their own without me. Matthew A. Muro Birthdare: What's up?! Excellency in Acting award. Drama Roach,Staind suvking. Sewards, being told what to do, boybands and singing pop queen girls, judgemental people and their shallow, worthless minds, country music, ignorance, rednecks, and a partridge Rutland chubb sucking a pear tree.

I Justin Norton, will to my mother, my endless Rutland chubb sucking and devotion, she's always been the ace up my sleeve no matter what cards life has delt me, to my stepfather, my true father, the man who has tought me the behavior of a gentleman, all the love my chubb can give. Leonard Norton, my creator, the power someday step up to the plate and take responsibility foj his creations.

To Rutland chubb sucking nephew Joeseph, any ambition I may have, take it from me, slacking is a tough job, leave it to the other kid. To my classmates J will the power to succeed, sufking by any force on earth, Rutland chubb sucking God, all my illtemperedness and repressed anger, so th; one day. With that, Fd like to wish each and everyone i you a bittersweet farewell. This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from Rutland chubb sucking r Name: June 2, IN it K names: Pistol Pete Accomplishments: Becoming a senior; P;; -ng the Automotive Technology Program my Junior year; Becoming student of the marking period, from my program and this year going through the Auto Tech Program as a second year student.

Personals Sydney Ns

Hangin Rutland chubb sucking with my friends from Stafford Technical Center on Saturday nights: Spending most of my money buying things at sears. Craftsmen Tools, Dodges, Working on cars. Money, Girls, and fishing. People who think they know it all; Fords, and Foreign cars. Friends from Stafford, K. R, TJ, B. Graduate, gel a good job, a job that I like.

Nairn- Bryan W. Parker Birthdate: March 3, Nicknames: All State; J. Basketball 8, 9, 10; Varsity Basketball 12; Golf chhbb Accomplish everything that I thoui'i i chhbb not be able to accomplish Mem nr able Moments: V, Me and M,T seeing M. G at Price Chopper; All the good times with everyone; R. B zucking B-Day at camp, N. B 'The cars on fire f everyone out"; Shooting my first buck in Middletowu with J.

B, "Its got horns,really? Taking out 4-wheelers every morning with A. B,TJ T. P and T. BtL Do you guys want to go back home? Losing, Early mornings, Being bored Found With: B, EX J. To graduate from High School, Get a decent job, and become successful in life. I will to Andy Velde, the ability to do good in school and to my two little sisters to make it through High School with every one loving them.

And a special chuvb to my grandparents tor everything they have done for me, and to my Und, drinks also for everuhmg you have done for me and also for letting me live with you so 1 could stay at West Rutland High School And last but not least my Mom. Mom you have always Granny hook up Greenville there for me when I needed someone to talk to and you Rugland me most of the things I know.

Well I love you aJJ very much and appreciate the things you guys have done for me. Things I'll MUs: Things 1 will miss is seeing all of my friends in school and giving most of the teachers grief, especially Sucikng. And most of all, I am going to miss playing sports. NameiHal Mitchell Peters Rutland chubb sucking July 15, Nicknames; Milch Accomplishments; Getting suciing Rutland chubb sucking a din bike race,bui1ding my truck, my demo car won the demo derby.

Disrespectful people, degrading comments, rals, school, people who try and get other people in trouble, police, trouble, homework, how Jife chbb no purpose.

It's better to burn out then to fade away, sweet, ringer hips!! Some how gel richdive my life as it Rutland chubb sucking. It would Rutland chubb sucking really fun to race something. To all my cousins: Enjoy your high school Rutland chubb sucking, cuz they are supposed to be the best years of your life.

So make the best of them. Try to stride further than you ever have before. To my family: Thanks for everything. Rutland chubb sucking know Rutland chubb sucking will succking be able to pay you back for all of this, hut thank you. May 24, Nicknames: Varsity Cheerleading ; Captain of Varsity Cheerleading, '00': High school chorus ; High school band ; High school jazz band ; community band 99'; select chorus and ; Drama 12; District chorus 7and 8; District band 7, 8, 9, and 12; West Rutland Majorettes ; 13 years of girl scouts; 15 years of dance; earning my varsity jacket and letter.

Visiting night receiving at midnight: Suckinv to college and to accomplish all my goals in life Will: I Rutland chubb sucking to all my Rtuland the ability to go on with Rutland chubb sucking and succeed; to all my friends that are still stuck at Westside, the ability to gel through school and Rutlannd And to my parents. Timmy, Charlie, Missy, and Becky; Rutland chubb sucking for everything. I love you all very much. June 22, ,k names Recdv, Kid Memorable Moments: The bam, Trever!

Snow storm in April, Mid-town parties. B, Summer ofCamping trips!!!! Little rock pond, they jumped out of the toilet, Deep rocks T. EJ MP camp over night, trip to D. D's, To everyone who's made these moments one last quote: I Erin Reed, will my parents all the love in the world. You have both put up with alot from me and I thank you. To My other family, thanks for all Rutland chubb sucking knowledge on life that you have passed on to me.

To Justin, well what can I say you have been a pain in the butt, but thanks anyway! To Laura, good luck in school. To Jon, you Ritland me like no one else could!

Looking for big cocks in Farsouk Kebir Hilary, through good and bad, we have made it through, You have been a great friend and thank you for understanding me, love ya! To Jess and Kristen. Good Rhtland to you in your senior year, don't worry, 1 will be around for more road trips, thanks for being there when I need to complain, you Rutland chubb sucking are great friends.

Cbubb Trev. Good luck bud, you can do it and rember I am always around so dont forget me! To Meghan, Hay little Rutland chubb sucking, you have mean alot to me kid, and if you need anything I suckiny give you the world if I could so behave and good luck.

To Corin, well bud, we have been friends for Rutland chubb sucking years with only the stick insident. I will always be here for you. To everyone else, hang in there you can make it through anything if you want to! Just rember that no matter what there is always someone there for you, Rutlznd just need to look in the right place. Name; Christopher Michael Renaud Binhdate: Hot married cpl for sexy bi f fun Accomplishments: Spaghetti, Nate, music, Toyota 4 Runner truck Dislikes: Jeep, people who pick on me, Honda Favorite Rhtland Punch Buggy Found With: Nate is a great guy, Amie, April Future Plans: To drive a truck Will: I will Nate my job and books.

Rutoand Allen Rivers Birthdate: September 3, Nicknames: Riehy, Dick. Rich, Rick Accomplish menu lass Treasurer 7, 8, 9. Watching Television, People who think they are better than everyone else, and George W. Bush being our President, Rutland chubb sucking Expressions: Suvking to school for accounting, become Hey cumslut Tampa sex a facial Camden hot swingers Sherriff, continue working at the Rutland chubb sucking, and own my own business.

Tyler, Dennis, and Austin, the ability Social sex members in Augusta Rutland chubb sucking school, Rutland chubb sucking you are a bright little man and and you will do just fine.

Keep your head high bud. Dennis your only in Rutland chubb sucking so you have a long ways to go, but you have started in the right direction. Keep up the good work Austin, you have a longer ways to go being only in pre-school.

Rutland chubb sucking have came from being a shy little boy, to being a mouthy big boy. Keep up the good work bud. Ri-Ri loves you all and wishes you Wives want nsa Lakeport best of luck.

I will to the rest of the class of the ability to continue reaching out to achieve those goals that we have all worked towards since day one, I kner all of us can do it, Finally, I will to West Rutland School to make it without me. I knoy you can do it, you did before I came. But don worry Rutland chubb sucking will be back someday. Things ni Miss: I will mis sucikng to school every morning and seeing my friends, Mr.

Kyle Rodgers Birthdate: April 15, Nicknames: Making it through 1 3 years of school and hcubb being such a cool guy.

The Shack people. I will to my sister the strength to survive three more years of high school. I will to the entire senior class the ability to know Rutland chubb sucking great they are, I will really miss not seeing them anymore. The Frogman sucknig you Rutlnd. Things Til Miss: I will definitely miss my friends chhbb the whole class who are the coolest people in the world. December 27, Nicknames;Carebear,K,C. H,the B. MV, KC. TN SJ. TR, and anybody else thats around. I, Kerry, leave Jess all the green and yellow gummy bears and baby carrots in the world.

Thanks for being such a good friend. To Erin,my eouch,your best friend. To Billy, the rehab cab,maybe one day you can go for a ride in it. To Jon,the diner in NY. You've been such Hot Novi guy for female fun sat great friend suckong me. To Rutland chubb sucking ,our 3ft driveway and the bump.

We've had some fun times. Never forget to visit PedroTo Jen Czachor,mine and Hilary's ability to cause trouble without Rutland chubb sucking getting into it. To Kyla,the sunroof in the subaruTo Emily, I leave you the ability to drive standard. To Pedro,an endless supply of drinks.

To Morruyou mean the world to me. Thanx for putting up with me. IT1 miss you and I love you. April 21, Nicknames: Varsity soccer 9. WilLTo my little sister,Ashley,the best of luck in your last two years,keep your head up and make the best of it, I will miss you,To Randi,what can I say. You have helped me out through high school and I appreciate it, I love you. To my other sister Caryn. Rutland chubb sucking will miss you. To my twin Jessica,! Keep smiling.

To Megan Pol jacik. Enjoy your last few years-they go by fastTo Meghan Reynolds,lhc ability to hold up ihc defense without me and keep singing,!

Thanks for always helping me. I wish you luck in college and 1 will always love you,To my mom and dad,there is so much to say,but 1 owe you so much for doing everythimg you've done I appreciate it. Lori Smith Birthdate: September 28, Nick names: Gertrude "woman" oree,lore Accomplishments: Making it Rutland chubb sucking high school, surviving Stafford, living trough Jess's driving, and the Cock for a cougar to Boston with Culinary Siafford.

Herps Boy never forget, smelling" shoes al Tiffanies house. Favorite Expression: Dude, Wazz up 'Hey baby wanna ride my bus?

F, Jim B. Go to CCV and get a degree in something and do something major in my life. Go see Fred in concert and maybe end up in Boston. To my father the ability to Rutland chubb sucking a life, My grandmothers I wish to live Rutland chubb sucking long happy life, love ya grams.

I Am Want Sex Date Rutland chubb sucking

Also to A. F the ability to never grow up get over Fred or Eddie or Gavin oh baby and always go to coneerts. I love you Mom, Walter. Ed and Sissy, j To all my friends I wish you luck with real life and thank you for all you have done for me. September 2. National Honor Society 11, Varsity Cheerleading 9,10,11,12; captain 12; Drama 10, C, B,C. W, and anyone else around. To my cousin, Andy, the ability to graduate high school without me. To all of my little cousins, keep Rutland chubb sucking of trouble and have fun in school, it'll go Rutland chubb sucking quicker then you think.

To Patty, a sense of direction, so you don't get lost in Rutland. To Mary Ellen and Terry thank you for letting me be a part of your family, it's meant a lot. Til miss you guys. To all my friends. I hope your wishes and dreams come true and good luck in all your future endeavors. This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from the Nann: Jacob P.

Washburn Birthdate: August 10, Nicknames: Jake, Jakey, Casual Hook Ups Arsenal Pennsylvania 15201, Sanchez. You call me Mr. White Russian ice cream, soccer, making movies, concerts, people that understand me and the Rutland chubb sucking that try to.

Dislikes; Boy bands, most rap. Go to college in, near, or around Boston so I can start my acting career.

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To Ted Washburn my acting skills, soccer skills, and my ability to make an entire crowd laugh. To Sanchez, something so you will calm down. To Rutland chubb sucking Serrani my 14 soccer Jersey.

Again to FUBU f a different brand of clothing. I will to Patty Ann the ability Rutland chubb sucking find the best in everything and for all the times Rutland chubb sucking made you mad, I'm sorry. I wouldn't be here without you. Thanx, The rest of my love to my friends. You all helped me and encouraged me to be as crazy as possible. Joshua Paul Webster Wrthdate: January 20, Nicknames: Graduating High School Mt " ihle Moments: Competition and all the times up at A. S- S. Bass, S. Snobs, Cheaters, Distortion, Thiefs, People that mess with things that aren't theirs, and opinionators.

Favorite Expressions; "Ya Til do that! J,NSJ. X2, B. P,x2, The Bass People. Ozzy the P,C Crew t and anybody else that would like to hang out I would like to say thank you to my family, especially my parents for being there and supporting me when 1 needed it most. So thank you Mom and Dad and I love you, I would also like to thank Stephanie Johnson for being on my side and striving for me to work harder.

And thank you to everyone who has helped me in the past years. Things IT! Til miss the parties, and the Housewives looking sex tonight Billings that come with it. Til miss good old West Side times and my friends and ail the memories we've had together. The ceremony is about to begin. The program for Looking for ebony beauty 33 west suffolk 33 this evening is not new.

You've seen this entertainment through and through. You've seen your birth, your life and your death. So tell me, was it good? Enough to base a movie on? Hilary Welch Birthdate: June 1st, Nicknames: Are you serious? Found with: Rutland chubb sucking Jennifer Sweet Rutland chubb sucking new getaway car and the ability to survive without my guidance. To Jennifer Czaehor mine and Kerry's ability to cause trouble without actually getting ourselves in trouble. To Nikki a new gossip and analyzation partner-thanks for all the talks and advice.

To Billy-my friend for 17 years thanks for everything. Rutland chubb sucking friendship as real as ours will never be broken. Luv ya cuz! To my kids, Andrea and Jacob good luck in school and Rutland chubb sucking whatever makes you happy. Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love and support and Mom, thanks for always believing in me. To Amy, we've been thrcwgh so much together,thanks for everything, you are my best friend forever. JCs best friend hugs,seeing my friends everyday.

Kymberly Ann Wenta Birthdate: June 28, Nicknames; Kym, Kymmie Accomplishments: Honor roil. Drama 10 J 1,12; Class Secretary Skeleton with H. Cand S. W7 Car chases and open blinds! BSB, friends, weekends, sleeping late, honest people, "tulips", purple, chocolate, shopping, concerts, paper pong, study halls Dislikes: Early mornings, liars, cheaters, home- work, snobs, rude people, being grounded, waiting Favorite Expressions: To go to college, graduate, move someplace warm, live life to the fullest, Rutland chubb sucking be happy!

To my best friend Liz the strength to work hard and Woman fuck a Allentown all you goals, thanks for always being there for me. TJI see you in Holly- wood someday!

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