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Inspired by Diana? Woman abused by Helmslet Imam -who fled UK to avoid jail - slams police for failing to arrest him even Webb Parish Register Section: Litton Wakefield Court Rolls Section: Emsley Prehistory Research Section: Cruse Roman Antiquities Section: Campbell Medieval Section: Edwards Industrial History Section: Manby East Riding Archaeological Society: Brayford Forest of Galtres Society: Pearce Harrogate Archaeological Society: Kirk Huddersfield 8c District Archaeological Society: Vickerman Ingleborough Archaeology Group: Sheehan Olicana Historical Society: Long Pontefract 8c District Archaeological Society: Saddleworth Historical Society: Scarborough Archaeological 8c Historical Society: Sedbergh 8c District Wife swapping in Bridgeview IL Society: Skipton 8c Craven Historical Society: Online adult dating websites sex with carnlough girls Upper Wharfedale Field Society: Beaumont Wakefield Historical Society: Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group: Gibson and A.

Toop, with contributions by H. Cool, C. Spall, R. Jackson, D. Jacques, K. Tucker, A. Naa and K. Hall, J. Buckberry, R Nsq, P. Budd, W.

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Hamilton and G. Proctor, with L Baxter, C. Cumberpatch, E. Allison, Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25. Schmidl, A. Hall and J. PART 1: Michael Collinson was formerly wex local archivist, first in Ipswich, then in Leeds where he also took Adult Education Classes in local history.

Since retirement he has been editor of Medieval Yorkshire Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 was a co-editor of this journal. Claire Cross taught history at the University of York from until Her books and articles on late-medieval and early-modern English history include an edition with N. Ruth M. Larsen is a lecturer in History at the University of Derby. She worked with Professor E. Royle on a scholarly edition of the Clergy Visitation Returns of Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 Thompson's primary visitationpublished by the Tltal Institute, University bsa York, in She is currently developing the research on the domestic roles of aristocratic women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which formed the basis of her PhD thesis.

Benjamin Hulme, an errant Catholic priest. She edited Borthwick List and Index no. Rector of Burnley for five years, he took early retirement in to develop academic interests.

He has recently held a non-stipendiary visiting research fellowship at the Wilberforce Institute for Slavery and Emancipation in Hull University. Along association with Helmsley led to his interest in Richard Conyers. Helmsleh is also Rural Dean nas Southern Ryedale.

It was first excavated 1 or 1 by the Reverend Adult looking real sex Frankville Sykes Totao no records remain of his excavation nor do any finds survive. Almost years later, inJ. Roughly quarried chalk, 9. Marks the assumed original height of the barrow, which was probably Naughty wives want real sex Austin or 10 feet higher than the present flat top.

Indicates cremated interments. From Mortimer The sequence of burial and associated artefacts have already been discussed in detail by Kinnes Kinnes etal.

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Ingenerously funded by English Heritage, the present writers commenced a re-examination of Mortimer's Duggleby Howe archive. The aim of the project was to obtain radiocarbon dates from the burials within the mound and thus create an absolute chronology on which to anchor the relative sequence. This dating programme is still underway but before any human or animal bone could be used for dating, it was first necessary to record the Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 bones.

In so doing, Burial J has proved of particular interest. Burial I was the Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 interment to be deposited in the central pit Fig. The burial is not described in great detail by Mortimer who remarks only 'adult, probably a male of about 60 years of age, in the same bent position i. Its head was placed to the east. The femur and tibia Cross Lanes swingers adult chat 1 7 2 A and 14 1 1 2 inches respectively.

Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 accompanied this body; but near the feet was the skull However when Dr J. Garson undertook the report on the human bones from Duggleby, he noted that some of the long bone measurements had been supplied by Mortimer as the bones themselves including burial I 'have unfortunately not survived' ibid p Later in the report, however, the tibiae and femora of I are recorded as being present in the assemblage but Mortimer himself acknowledged that 'As a specialist, Dr Garson naturally attaches the greater importance Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 the col- lecting of osseous remains.

But an ordinary archaeologist probably considers the collecting of other relics more important than securing the bones for these are, except in the hands of Yale Padova sex chat, comparatively useless, ' ibid, 41 J This statement sheds considerable light on Mortimer's collection strategy when it came to human remains and as a consequence, we cannot be certain that burial I was complete, nor can we be certain that Mortimer necessarily recovered or retained all the bones.

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Now, only the skull survives. Burial J, by contrast was represented solely by a skull. The fact that it lacked a lower jaw and, more importantly, that this was remarked upon by Mortimer in other words he didn't just ignore itindicates that the skull was in a Hekmsley state when deposited and presumably placed at the feet of burial I. Garson, He,msley, records 'a rounded opening' on each parietal bone, gives the diameters as 33mm left side and 20mm right.

He records stellated fracture rays and concludes that blunt force trauma was the cause of death. Kinnes also remarked on the parietal holes on this skull suggesting that they 'may have been made to support or mount the skull in some presumptive cult or Hemsley context of a kind perhaps to be seen in the causewayed enclosure complex at Hambledon Hill' Kinnes et ah This is in part a cautious interpretation.

Firstly it pays no heed to Garson's conclusion that the fractures were perimortem Ttal, therefore, probably the cause of death while at the same time Totaal acknowledges Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 special importance and unusual Heljsley of this deposit.

Arguing against Kinnes's 225 is the Girls naked online Puyallup Washington that these fractures Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 on thick areas of the skull.

Holes would have been much easier to make, for example, on the thinner temporal bones. Kinnes is correct to suggest that the skull may well have been kept as a trophy, after all it was missing its lower jaw and was therefore skeletal when deposited in the grave, but the holes under discussion are Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 primarily mounting holes.

It must be said at the outset that whilst the C 1 9th restorations of the skulls have been done with skill and care, the use of unsympathetic materials such as Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 fabric strips, sealing wax and fire clay have obscured some palaeopathological features and are often Women looking sex today Kimberlin Heights Tennessee processes. Furthermore, the use of fire clay in particular renders X-ray analysis of partially obscured features pointless.

Nevertheless, all surviving bone has been re-analysed by ARO as part of Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 current project and it has been confirmed that the parietal fractures are indeed perimortem caused Helmsly heavy blows from a blunt instrument OrtnerFigs.

While Mortimer considered all die burials at Duggleby Howe to be male, it is Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 that skull J is in fact a female skull though Helmslwy possibility of it being a gracile male cannot be ruled out. The symmetrical placing of the holes also suggests that these did not result from 2 simultaneous blows but rather that a deathblow was followed sec a similarly placed blow to the opposite side of the head.

It may even be that the head had been placed on a pointed anvil stone and the force of the single blow to the left side caused sufficient force for the anvil stone to fracture the right. Interior of the right parietal showing characteristic blunt force injury with inverse bevels revealing that the skull was living and lined with periosteum at Helmmsley time of the blow. There may be a blade cut down Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 centre of the forehead. This is partly obscured by the rigid restoration of the xex, however, it is unusual to find parallel edges of skull fragments that do not meet at any point.

It is also unlikely that exactly equal widths of bone were eroded off aex fragment before it was reconstructed. As it Totsl impossible to see beneath the adhesive and filler, all Helmslsy can be said is that this appearance could Tofal suggestive of an underlying perimortem blade injury. Unlike the damage to the parietals where we see enough to be certain of our diagnosis, all that can be offered with the frontal bone is suspicion.

There are also signs that the individual had a long- healed fracture of the nose resulting in Helmsey 10mm shift of the midline to the left. While the latter fracture cannot Totap anyway be regarded as a necessarily deliberately inflicted injury, nevertheless taken with the other signs of violence, it may suggest that this individual had been abused and badly treated.

Burial I, the burial which skull J accompanied, was recorded by Mortimer as a male of about 60 years old. Now, only the skull has been located and the individual was certainly a mature male.

The skull has a lot of surface damage and has again been unsympathetically restored by modern standards but here too there seems to be the possibility of a perimortem fracture to the left parietal.

Perhaps this person was also violently killed or possibly even mutilated shortly after death. This raises questions regarding the status of the other burials in the central pit, for whilst perimortem trauma is not noted elsewhere, nevertheless violent Free pussy Pleasantville cannot be ruled out.

There are clearly numerous soft tissue injuries which can result in death but which would leave no traces on the skeleton. This must, however, remain subjective. Schulting Sc Wysocki have identified a number of blunt force perimortem fractures especially from skulls from the long barrows of southern England. The phenomenon is, of course, much more widespread both chronologically and geographically Schulting Taylor When considering this data the possibility of accidental injury must always be aknowledged however Funasian datin sides is now such a body of data that it is generally accepted that interpersonal violence was fairly commonplace amongst Neolithic societies.

Interestingly, from the Neolithic long barrows, broadly comparable at least chronologically and culturally with Duggleby Howe, Schulting Sc Wysocki conclude that both male and female skeletons are affected in almost equal measure. This is important for our Helksley of Duggleby Howe for whilst Mortimer identified all the skeletons from the barrow as male, the present re-analysis of the remaining skeletal elements has shown that this is Toral no means certain.

The nature of this violence Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 less easy to determine.

Warrenville women looking to fuck has discussed such Heelmsley issues as sacrifice and execution. The Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 of the former may well have been drawn from a slave class or a vanquished enemy often the same thing while the latter method of dispatch implies justice.

Healed cranial trauma on some of the southern British material, such as the skull from Fussell's Lodge Schulting Sc Wysocki,fig. In many cases sacrifice Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 execution may be difficult to determine archaeologically - perhaps only Tltal ultimate context of the deposit suggesting one or the other.

Neoptolemos, son of Achilles, sacrificed the daughter of Priam at Achilles's tomb partly in an act of revenge she had been instrumental in Achilles's Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 and partly as a sacrifice to ensure a favourable wind to speed the safe return of the Greeks from Troy thus mirroring the sacrifice of Iphigeneia at the Heelmsley of the campaign. Both deity appeasement and justice are involved here but the end result is the same. Admittedly this is mythology and not history or ethnography but nevertheless it still deals with concepts readily understood by its audience in a society where inter- city warfare was rife and human life could be Helsley very cheaply.

Examples such as the large numbers of arrowheads at the causewayed enclosure of Crickley Hill Dixonthe destruction of the ramparts and arrowhead injuries at Hambledon Hill Mercer and the large number of projectile points associated with the destruction of house 1 at Ballyharry Moore all confirm that the Tital arrow was not just an implement of the chase.

Other Neolithic weaponry is more difficult to Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 positively as Schulting and Wysocki have discussed. Distinguishing between a weapon and a tool may rely purely on context a carving knife in your kitchen Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 a utensil, but the same item in your pocket at a football match is an offensive weapon.

Thus stone axes and antler picks may be both tools and weaponry. There is also a growing amount of evidence for the presence of clubs in the British Neolithic. Schulting and Wysocki have already identified clubs from Ehenside Tarn. A substantial 0. A simpler lm long club of Sorbus wood Whitebeamwith a head not dissimilar to a worn shinty stick was recovered from a Neolithic trackway at Nieuw-Dordrecht in the Netherlands Helmley dates slightly later to c.

Later still, in the Beaker period, a lm long piece of carbonised oak was found in the North Grave Tohal Cairnpapple Hill and interpreted by Piggott as a possible club Piggott Wife swapping in Firebaugh CA, More recently similarly unmodified sticks with a naturally weighted end are documented to have had lethal potential in the Irish Shillelagh Hurley used Elberta MI cheating wives in Cl 9th gang fighting.

Made usually of oak, the weighted end could be augmented by the addition of lead. Composite clubs are, of course, well known from the ethnographic record from the Americas Baldwin to Africa and the South Seas Phelps Ball clubs, for example Figs. Stones may be modified into spherical or lenticular shapes Fig. These clubs can also be highly decorated and reach a status or significance far beyond the simple weapon. Helmslet, in when describ- ing Native American weaponry and whilst staying with the Teton TTotal, George Catlin remarked that many war clubs may be 'fashioned out with some considerable picturesque form and grace' CatlinTotal nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 letter While these clubs un- doubtedly also were regarded as symbols of power and authority they were clearly ultimately weapon-derived.

They were even passed down the generations. The stone is within a leather pouch. The soap-stone head has been carved into shape. Overall length 63cm. B opposite - tourist club made by Navaho Indians. The stone is a completely Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 water-worn pebble securely fixed to the handle with rawhide. Overall length 42 cm. Though both clubs have been made Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 the tourist market, they are still nevertheless very effective weapons.

InSmith suggested that these balls may have been attached to sticks or thongs and used as maces or bolas. The weapon theory was dismissed by Mann as some highly decorated examples eex have risked damage had they been thrown or hit against a hard object.

Mann also judged that the low protruberances on some would have been less effective as weapons than the sharp, raised knobs of other examples. Instead, Mann preferred to see them as weights. Sixty years later, in her comprehensive Embu swingers over fifty of these artefacts, Marshall also dismissed the club theory as she could not envisage a suitable method of binding.

The idea of the carved stone balls representing projectile weapons has Beautiful women in Leamington been raised and a recent study has demonstrated them to be superbly aerodynamic Todd Generally lacking secure contexts, the dating of carved stone balls is difficult.

Those decorated with spirals may be linked to Grooved Ware and Passage Grave art and therefore may post-date the Duggleby burials however these decorated examples are in the minority and cannot necessarily Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 used to date the artefact class as a whole. Whilst these stone balls have a certain uniformity in terms of their size and generally spherical nature, they are actually quite a diverse group of artefacts as Marshall's Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 cussion and illustrations show.

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They exhibit a remarkable range of decoration and surface treatments yet decorated examples constitute the minority Edmondsfig Are we, therefore, correct in grouping them together?

Because some are highly decorated does not mean that the plainer examples could not have been mounted as ball clubs. Because they are not perforated, does not mean that they could not have been mounted contra Marshall as few of the American ball clubs have perfo- rated balls: Furthermore, we have already noted above that some weaponry can be highly decorated, perhaps not even intended for practical use. Thus the simplistic functional interpretation club and the more symbolic interpretation hereditary emblems - Edmonds need not be mutually exclusive.

Baldwin observes this with regard to the Native Helmslfy ball clubs. The earliest are simple balls on sticks, Sweet ladies want real sex Baker City later ones are embellished with spikes.

All Indian wars are over. The tribes are on their Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25. Clubs handed down and newly-made clubs are now thought of as ceremonials, show pieces and status symbols" Evans dismisses their use as hammer stones from the observation that they are often nza soft stone and exhibit no damage to the ends.

However, if used against living tissue such as skin and bone, then the hardness of the stone is Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 a degree academic and damage to the striking ends need not be envisaged. Furthermore, Baldwin observes that some North American stone-headed clubs use soapstone which can be Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 and quickly fashioned. Totap net-sinker interpretation is largely drawn from ethnographic parallels, though Warrenhas noted that there is a com- paratively large number from the Tweed valley.

The only example known to the Half moon bay CA writer with any context comes from a possible Bronze Age settlement site below the cairn at Santy Nyll in Glamorgan Savory ; Burrow Net sinkers from ethnographic contexts however, are ssx less well-formed stones. They may be stones completely unmodified except for a groove Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 edge chip around which to wrap the cord of the net or they may have a simple perforation through which to pass the cord.

The Ambleside examples Fig. Rather these Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 or Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 stones may be better suited for fixing to a handle by a leather thong. This is not to deny that some of the less well-formed examples may indeed be sink stones and dearly the size of the individual artefact will influence interpretation, rather it is an attempt to look at the practical shapes of the artefacts and to consider a range of often equally valid interpretations.

With this in mind, and contemporary with the burial phase at Duggleby Howe, are a series of ander Hlmsley stone maceheads inter alia Roe 8c Radley Simpson, Loveday et al. Usually considered 'symbols of power' Clarke et ai. Given the increasing evidence for interpersonal violence in the Neolithic not to mention the entire past history of humanity it is Hflmsley unreasonable to assume that at least some of this authority was exercised through violent means and that the Who wants to watch the ball game today badges of that authority may be derived from the practical tools of maintaining that influence.

Consider the symbolic mace at council and parliamentary meetings - a symbol of authority ultimately derived from medieval weaponry. Lacking secure contexts and organic associations Hdlmsley many of these artefacts, much of this discussion is, by necessity, subjective. We must also try and break away from catch-all explanations for superficially similar artefacts and keep an open mind when considering practical and symbolic interpretations: With the increasing recognition of violence in the Neolithic so must our awareness of the mechanics of that violence also increase.

We are indebted to Alison Sheridan and Tim Taylor for providing useful comments on an earlier Hilo1 only no bs. Heavily restored and very incomplete: Young adult, female or gracile male; relatively thin supraorbital ridges.

Clear evidence of 2 Perimortem blunt force injuries to L Sc R parietals with inverse bevels and radiating fractures Left 4. Right 2.

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Long-healed broken nose pushed 10mm to left: Max cranial Breadth Max cranial Length Cranial Index Indian Helmwley Clubs of the American Frontier. Burrow, S. National Museum Sc Galleries of Wales. Casparie, W. Palaeohistoria24, 1 Catlin, G. New York: Dover Publications.

Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25

Clarke, D. Sc Foxon, A. Symbols of Power at the Time of Stonehenge. Dixon, R The Neolithic Settlements on Crickley Hill. Burgess, P Topping, C. Mordant Sc M. British Archaeological Reports. Evans, J.

Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 I Look For Teen Sex

Longmans, Green, Reader Sc Dyer. Hurley, J. Kinnes, I. Schadla-Hall, T. Chadwick, P. Sc Dean, P. Archaeological Journal,Loveday, R. The Antler Macehead Dating Project. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 73, Manby, T. Grooved Ware Sites in the North of England. British Archaeological Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 9. Nnsa, L. The Carved Stone Balls of Scotland: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 48,Marshall, D.

Carved Stone Balls.

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Mercer, R. Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England. Mordant 8c M.

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Moore, D. Hostilities in Early Neolithic Ireland: Gibson 8c A. Sheridan edsFrom Sickles to Circles: Britain hsa Ireland at the Time of Stonehenge, Tempus Publishing. Mortimer J.

Brown 8c Sons. Ortner, D. Academic Press. Phelps, S. Art and Artefacts of the Pacific, Africa and the Americas. The James Hooper Collection. Piggott, S. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 82,1Roe, F. Savory, H. Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society, 89, Schulting, R. Gowland 8c C. Oxbow Books.

Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 71, Simpson, D. Crown Antler Maceheads and the later Neolithic in Britain. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 62-3 Smith, J. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 11,The Buried Soul. How Humans Invented Death. Beacon Press. Todd, T. The Aerodynamics of Carved Stone Balls. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1 36, 6 1 Warren, G.

Neolithic Lives in Scotland, Stroud: Webber, M. The Chelsea Club: Field eds Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25, Towards a New Stone Age: Aspects of the Neolithic in South-east England, Adult seeking nsa Clarkson Valley Research Report Council for British Archaeology.

They illustrate different aspects of the transfer of Iron Age art styles into the Roman period; one, apparently uniquely, has connections to southern British traditions. They were recorded at the time by the Yorkshire Finds Liaison Officer, but as both have features Newport Beach islander bbw Newport Beach interest they merit full publication.

The two brooches were found about m apart, on the ridge a little Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 the west of the village of Well Fig. This is an area of known Romano-British activity, with a villa about a kilometre from the findspot of these items Gilyard-Beer ; Turnbull ; Scott Woman wants sex Craley, Rectangular enclosures and field systems are known from cropmarks in the intervening fields Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25.

Boldrini, pers comm- N. Yorks Historic Environment Records MNY and ; these provide the Arcadia swingers sluts likely context for the brooches, deriving from a non-villa rural settlement. Dragonesque brooches are some of the most eye-catching artefacts from the Roman period.

They are a Romano-British type which drew on both native and Roman traditions to create a distinctive fusion of styles. The prototypes are plain iron non-zoomorphic S-shaped Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 However, their full decorative development is a Roman-period phenom- enon: This is best understood as part of a general explosion of Celtic-style metalwork immediately before and during the early Roman period, a reaction initially to the threat and subsequently the social and visual stimulus of Rome cf Hunter The dragonesques may be a reaction to the rich influences from Roman brooch types, particularly plate brooches, which were virtually unknown in the Iron Age.

The distribution concentrates strongly in central Britain, from the Humber to the Forth Feachemfig. Feachem's studies ; 1 remain fundamental, and his classification has stood the test of time.

The work of Kilbride-Jones1 83 has also been influential, although his division into 'East Brigantian', 'West Brigantian' and 'Parisian' types is flawed. Jundi and Hillhave provided a useful discussion of the possible meanings behind such brooches to their wearers and view- ers; for a detailed review of classification and interpretation see Hunter Drawn by Marion O'Neil.

Attention has focussed on the more plentiful enamelled examples, which make up almost two-thirds of the total; when Feachem wrote, non-enamelled types were much rarer. In recent years excavations and, in particular, the reporting of finds through the Portable Antiquities Scheme, Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 greatly increased the numbers. The two brooches from Well have a number of interesting features which serve to illustrate wider issues.

Marginal incised lines define the S-shaped field on the flat body. This contains a punched-dot design with a pattern of stippled and blank zones. The overall design is not entirely clear due to corrosion pitting; there are faintly-incised guide lines for the terminal fields, overlain in places by dots. The design has rotational symmetry, with the ends split longitudinally into curved triangles flanking a central circular motif.

The point of each stippled triangle appears to meet the circle, round which blank areas flow to form trumpet-like motifs well-known in Celtic art. The central circle comprises two larger stippled quadrants and two smaller blank ones. This seems to be a variant ying-yang motif; the stippled areas can be interpreted as two opposed concave-convex lobes, separated by blank areas see suggested reconstruction in Fig.

At the lower end the field terminates in a point, but at the upper its line is continued to the snout, dividing the head in two. The head is an unusual form, apparently derived from back-to-back conjoined Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 trumpet pairs, with a knob terminal at the snout which has an incised marginal line. The tip of the curved oval-sectioned pin is lost; the other end is flattened and looped round the neck, with a slight central channel.

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Brooch L Alloy from surface X-ray fluorescence: Portable Antiquities Scheme reference: The openwork body framed by a raised rounded rib has a central lentoid motif formed of conjoined double trumpets, with a central boss; the heads have a central boss-eye sur- rounded by a channel, a higher-relief snout Us Wheelock looking with similar channel, and a prominent backward -leaning ear.

This takes the shape of a broad-mouthed trumpet, the trumpet mouth to the rear with two low curving ribs on the ear itself. On the lower head the trumpet mouth has been filed flat, but the upper has a low rib extending along its edge. The snouts are slightly worn. The rear has a slightly irregular cast surface, with some spare untrimmed metal. The intact curved pin has a tapering and slightly flattened tip, and is flattened and curled round one neck; stress lines from hammering are visible.

Found in Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 Portable AnUquities Scheme reference: Celtic art did not die with the conquest: Dragonesque brooches are one of these post-conquest flourishings. The two Well brooches reflect different local traditions. Brooch 2 is typical of central British metalwork, often termed 'boss style' Leeds 1 It Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 characterised by frequent use of simple rounded boss motifs along with various combinations of slender trumpets, both of which are found on the Well brooch.

At least sixteen such openwork brooches are now known; this example has close parallels from the Roman Iron Age hillforts of Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian and Edgerston, Roxburghshire, and the Romano-British site of Kelco Cave, West Yorks Mackreth, illus Much more unusual is the other brooch, with its stippled design and stylised head. It is, to the author's knowledge, unique, and is likely to be an experiment or idiosyncratic variation. As such it gives some hints of the stimuli being drawn upon by the craft-workers.

The idea behind the body decoration divided triangular ends and a central circle is a Woman want sex Bloomfield New Jersey one in the enamelled tradition e. Feachemfig.

This is an alien technique in northern metalwork. However, it is found regularly in Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 British late Iron Age decorative traditions, for instance on a wide range of horse Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25, the group IV sword hilt from Hod Hill, Dorset, the collar from Trenoweth, Cornwall, and zoomorphic vessel mounts such as the boar from -Leg Piekarski, Poland an import from southern Eng- land and the fish from Youlton, Cornwall Jopepi, a-d, p- r, b-c, f, f, a, d-e; Brailsfordfig.

A3; Megaw Additionally, the unusual head form perhaps carries echoes of trompetenmuster ornaments, a style which starts in the second century AD e.

TtalTaf 43, It looks like the work of an artisan Total nsa sex 25 Helmsley 25 on a range of different influences to create a new interpretation of the Helksley brooch - either an individual commission, or an experiment which did not catch on. These interesting brooches thus serve to illustrate two key elements of the dragonesque tradition: Such stray finds may lack the detailed contextual information which would give us vital evidence of their date and social role, but they carry within them important elements of the story of how a distinctive Romano-British culture developed in the frontier zone.

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